English 02.12.2020

It wos my (1)-  birthay lat Saturday  . I had

a birthday (2) parti    at my house .

I  invited  all my ( 3 ) friends

My mum and dad (4) bought   me a  new

bicycle . Mum also made me a delicious  birthday

(5)cake for my party .

Everybody (6) enjoyed my party . We

played party . (7) games and ate lost  of food .

My friends (8) sang happy  birthay to  me .

I (9) felt very special and very happy.

I was very (10)  tired  After  my    birthay  party .

I (11) helped my mum and dad to tidy up  and then

I ( 12) sat on the sofa and watched  a movis on TV.

Sang helpnd party  felt  birthday games  friends cake , bought  enjoyed  tired  sat






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